Handbag Essentials – Every girl should carry

Day-to-Day routine keeps us very busy throughout the day in which we women’s forget to care ourselves.

Here I’m going to highlight some of the Handbag Essentials that can help us throughout the day.

  • At the top of the list, I would like to spotlight, Facial Wipes. This helps to keep the face clean and fresh. So, doesn’t matter whom you will gonna meet you will feel confident.

  • A sunscreen you must have with you. This keeps your skin protected from all the sun rays and tannings. If you’ll ask for my suggestion I prefer to go for “Photostable Sunscreen Gel SPF 40+” this is really a good and decent product to use. I will post a separate review of this product very soon.

  • Sanitary Napkin, It’s a nature and its good to be prepared always. Always carry an extra don’t know if someone of your friend may ask for one and you don’t have extra just imagine. !!The woooooooorst!!.

  • Sanitizer, A hygiene product. Daily we touch lots of things and we don’t know how clean or dirty that thing was. So, it’s better to stay safe.

  • A Hair Brush a must-have product. Driving a 2 wheeler wearing helmet, scarfs and etc destroys the hairs and it’s the best feeling if we know a quick solution we are carrying in our handbag.

  • A Lip Balm, Lips are the prettiest parts of the face which outlines our smiles and words with the beautiful shine and only if they don’t have shine on them how bad it will gonna look. So, its always better to carry your shine with you.

  • A Nail Polish a carry essential that makes you feel ready on the go whenever you need it. If you have one in your bag you won’t be thinking twice to go for anything.

  • Sunglasses that keep your eyes beautiful and irritation free whatever you do drive, walk etc. Even gives a style to your look.

  • Pen/Pencil & Notebook, So you can write all your ideas and draw your imaginations.

  • A Cute Coin Pouch, its necessary to have a mark of cuteness you carry’s. And for all the coins that keep getting disappear in the bag.

  • Earphones, You should have to K.O the boredom you may face in your day.

These are the few essentials I carry’s in my bag, what about you?

If you want to share your list of essentials you carry or wants to suggest a point to add to this list that would be highly appreciated.

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